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Estate Planning Attorneys


Our lawyers have significant experience in the area of protecting family assets.  We tailor an estate plan for your family and remove the stress that can come from uncertainty.  Some estate planning services include the drafting of wills, codicils, living trusts, land trusts, and powers of attorney.

Probate and Trust Lawyers | Inheritance Law Service


Kassel Law Group's attorneys have substantial experience in the field of probate.  Our lawyers not only handle various types of probate administration, but we also litigate disputes regarding the terms of trusts and wills, and claims of undue influence or breach of fiduciary duties.


Real Estate Lawyers


At Kassel Law Group, our lawyers have handled all aspects of real estate transactions and litigation.  We litigate real estate contract disputes, title disputes, commercial landlord/tenant issues, and many other real estate litigation matters.  Our services also include the closing of residential and commercial sales and refinances.

Business Litigation Lawyers


Kassel Law Group will walk you through the process of choosing and carefully structuring the corporate entity that best suits your business.  In addition to our formation services we litigate various business related disputes involving the breach of contracts, shareholder disputes, and fraud.  We also defend and prosecute foreclosure, garnishment and attachment actions.

Tampa Probate


Our practice areas

Estate Planning Attorney Tampa
Estate Planning Attorneys Tampa, Sarasota, Naples Florida
Estate Planning Lawyer Tampa
Estate Planning Lawyers Tampa, Sarasota, Naples Florida
Estate Planning Attorneys Tampa
Estate Planning Attorneys Tampa, Sarasota, Naples Florida
Estate Planning Lawyers Tampa
Probate Attorneys Tampa, Sarasota, Naples Florida
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