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Lawyer Personal Injuries Tampa
Kassel Law Group

Injuries Lawyer Tampa Florida

From the very first phone call we receive, you will learn, it is more than about the settlement, it’s about the entire process… and how quickly you can get your life back!  Each step of the way, we will explain the process to you in plain English.  We will answer all your questions and, if necessary, assist you with facilitating medical care.

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Here are some of the things we can do for you:


  • Help facilitate your medical care

  • Advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities

  • Handle all calls, paperwork and negotiations with insurance companies and their lawyers

  • Collect evidence for your claim and interview witnesses in order to present the best case

  • Evaluate your claim and tell you how much money you may be entitled to receive

  • Recover your lost wages plus money for any future lost earning ability caused by your injury

  • Recover all you are entitled to receive for your pain and suffering

  • Recover all other damages you may be entitled to receive as a result of your injury



Please take a moment to review our personal injury practice areas. As your Tampa, FL law firm that specializes in car accidents and more personal injury cases, you can count on us to aggressively represent you, and get you the compensation that is due to you. So whether it’s an auto accident, wrongful death, slips and falls, or other personal injury issues, make one call to the law offices of Kassel Law Group. They will personally handle your case from start to finish.


Auto Accidents – First and foremost, it is recommended that you not discuss fault or facts with anyone except police officers until it is possible to consult with an attorney.  Photographs of damages to the car should be taken before the car is repaired, and pictures of bruises and damage to the body must be taken before healing takes place.  Rest assured, you will not know how to value your claim, so I advise my clients not to talk to any insurance adjusters regarding your injuries and or accident.  My firm will aggressively investigate and research the facts surrounding your auto accident in order to allow you to reach your maximum recovery of damages.


Wrongful Death – Every case is very different.  We, therefore, encourage family members of departed loved ones to schedule a free consultation, and come in and talk to us about the circumstances of their unfortunate outcome.   Family members must prove the facts in place of their departed one.  By showing compassion and eventually reaching closure, we personally help our clients recover damages for the loss of their loved ones.


Trucking Accidents – If you have been involved in a trucking accident, unfortunately, injuries can be severe.  We will personally examine your case, perform all the necessary research, and review all medical records to fully understand the extent of your injuries.  The process can be long, drawn out, and complicated.  Each step of the way, we will explain things in plain English.  The lawyers at Kassel Law Group are dedicated to getting the best results for our clients.  Whether your case is settled out of court or going to trial, we will help you recover the appropriate compensation for your losses.


Motorcycle Accidents – It is recommended you consult with an attorney immediately following your accident.  We will explain your options in pursuing compensation for your losses and begin collecting evidence to support your claim.  Injuries sustained can be quite extensive since motorcyclists have little protection from the elements.  The investigation and preparation of your claim will be complex and take some time since insurance carriers may attempt to complicate the process.   We are committed, however, to helping you recover compensation for your losses.


Slips & Falls – It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible following the slip & fall, since witnesses must be contacted soon thereafter; they can provide valuable input.  If witnesses are not contacted soon, they may forget vital details relevant to your case.  We will also obtain a copy of the accident report and gather all the necessary evidence of the incident in order to evaluate recovering costs for injuries, medical bills, and other damages.  It is possible, that the property owner could be held liable as a result of the slip and fall accident.

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